Content Development

When doing business online, you are only as good as your last blog post. With all the complex algorithms and tools to measure keyword density, our stance is simple. Engage and be disruptive. The best content is genuine and talks to the reader. Stop writing the same ole’ bull shit call-to-action scripts and boring dry sales copy. Tells your story, and begin to transcend your voice to social and video assets.

Our team of cheerio eating, beer drinking creative content writers sit around all day creating voices for brands who still are mute. So many companies fail in creating a voice for their companies, so they go on for years sounding and acting like all their competitors. Screw that! Stand out and start talking to your customer the way they expect to be. No one wants to read that sales fluff crap anymore. Get it together and begin to drive customer loyalty by reaching your customers with by creating a voice!


 We are like Ernest Hemmingway meets Perez Hilton. We credit this to our mutual love for peanuts and media programming from ESPN, CNN and MTV.  With such a vast variety of content available to us, we are now self-proclaimed experts in all types of industries. From growing organic tomatoes and fruits to training dogs. History Channel can teach us and we can help you write content to make you look like an expert. Don’t believe us? Try me… 

Sales and Marketing

Aww. So you think I’m joking. We write content all day and use this experience to get creative and push the envelope. From professional business proposal to flat our having fun with people. We try ensuring your goals are met and customer demographic reached.

Contact us and let us work with you on creating your voice. Let your customers hear you when you speak and write your story.