Franchise Consulting

Turn your dream into the next big franchise and begin profiting from your ideas. Most ideas and companies have franchise potential, they just lack the business development and understanding. Stop limiting your company’s potential and start profiting by franchising your business model.

Sign up and join This Nona Digital product specializes in helping companies develop their own franchise model. We provide you with a turn-key solution. Our team will develop the model, the contracts, the paperwork, the marketing, all of the infrastructure needed for you to franchise your business.

Company Development

Let our experts work with you and setup your corporation the correct way. Nona Digital business development, legal and finance professionals take all the hassle of understanding your companies structure.

Sales and Marketing

Understanding your sales marketing is much more of a holistic effort then it appears. R.O.I is a lot more involved and a bigger initiative then just adding tracking links to your emails. Track how much employees cost you during the sales process and understand your BURN and attrition rates.

Technology, Security and Infrastructure

Developing the right infrastructure is key to ensuring your company can scale accordingly. Software, hardware and hiring the right personal that can manage your data is key to being successful. Our experts make things simple and manage the entire process with you and your partners.

Finance and Accounting

Your company’s finances are the life of the company and the accounting processes are critical to cash flow. Payroll and vendor relationships are important to moral and future growth. We are not certified public accountants but understand how to setup your team and data so processes so that you can reach financial success.


Automation is key to a business looking to grow or franchise. Having the appropriate business systems in place will allow you to maintain contact with your clients, vendors, and banking institutions so you can focus on scaling. Our solutions will handle:

  • Call answering and tracking
  • Scheduling of Appointments
  • Customer Sales and Incentives
  • Maintenance and Ticketing System
  • Customer Relations Management System

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