Government Contracting

Nona Digital Inc., leaders have successfully consulted large teams in the acquisition of several large federal and government contracts. From DOD partners to local municipalities and federal grants, Nona Digital’s, professional consultation team works with companies from initial RFI acquisition to post award transition plans. Learn more about how Nona Digital can help you on your next major project.

Government Procurement

Procuring and development of the proposal are keys to winning a bid. With over (10) ten-years of developing winning federal proposals, Nona Digital has the proven track record to help you win your bid. Price, Experience and past performance don’t mean anything unless you have the right procurement team on your side.

Design and Production

If the proper formatting instructions are accounted for, did you know that your bid can be rejected before even being seen.? Our team of proposal formatting experts help ensure your proposal is designed to impress, and guidelines are accounted for. Get your proposal audited today by one of our design and production experts and take your bid to the next level.

Resources and Support

Many times our partners need experienced support short-term help while developing the proposal. Bring our team during certain milestones of the project and maximize your capture budgets. Our experienced capture management team will help identify critical times during the capture process to help and support your team throughout the entire duration of the bid.