Public Relations

So traditional marketing is dead, huh? Nobody needs media relations resources when they have Google? Right? WRONG! Tell the major broadcasting companies like FOX and digital newswire services like PR Newswire and Cision that media doesn’t move people. Relationship are what influences media and having a team of experts that understand big media can give your campaign the legs it needs to get the media coverage.

Digital PR

Developing electric press releases that provide value to your digital media program is essential to growing your relevance. Electronic press releases are a quick way for your website to generate the authority needed to increase positons. Let our PR specialist explain the benefits of getting engages in an active public relations and reputation management program.

ePR Services Include:

  • Press Releases & Content Distribution
  • Creative Video Development and Animation Services
  • Multicultural Content Distribution
  • International Content Distribution & Promotion
  • Media Monitoring
  • Media Targeting
  • Strategic Media Placement & Distribution