Social Media Marketing

Marketing your brand with social media is a necessity, not an option. Let’s make that point clear up front! Social media has not only transcended communication but now it’s reshaping business as we know it. Brands being created from Instagram, Facebook, and now most importantly SNAPCHAT communities are now common and disrupting economies across the globe. Social media has not become more complex, but a full-time communication initiative across all marketing departments.

Take for example this kid:

This is Daniel and infamous white Vans (shoes). This is the phenomena of Social Media that cannot be ignored. Daniel Lara and his friend Josh Holz made a somewhat hilarious (and to most, annoying) Snapchat where Josh recorded Daniel in various outfits and locations always wearing Vans signature white shoe. All the while he would repeatedly say: “Damn Daniel, Back at it again with the white Vans.

Why do you care? Well, someone in Vans’ marketing department was doing their job and paid attention. As the video began to rise in popularity amongst teens and in every household, everything became “Damn Daniel!” said with a horribly impersonated accent, Vans marketing refocused their messages and began to tweet emoji’s and messages at the boys and completely rode the wave. Their website would automatically take people directly to the white Vans. To what end you might ask? Well, on Friday VF Corp released the following:

“It wasn’t planted at all,” said VF Corp. Chief Executive Eric Wiseman. “I won’t say it was a lucky gift, but it gets to how much California youth like the brand. And it was expertly managed in how our brand responded.”

The combination proved powerful enough to help boost sales for the brand by mid-single digits in the Americas, parent company VF Corp. said on Friday, with a 20 percent increase in direct-to-consumer sales and 30 percent jump in online sales.

Where did it all begin? Social Media, and in this case, SNAPCHAT. This up and coming platform are taking over the way we communicate. Businesses that are cutting edge and paying attention will successfully ride the wave.

Let Nona Digital work with your team to make sense of the strategy and deliver the message that influences your goals.

With reviews and online reputation management an essential part of brand management, let your story be told the way you want. Nona Digital works with you to develop a social marketing campaign strategy and can work with local content creators like Daniel to boost your sales. Take a look at some of the numbers below.


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PSnapchat has revolutionized the way people communicate. Period! Don’t believe me? Well numbers don’t lie. With 8+ Billion video views every day, it’s no secret why brands are racing to get in on a piece of the action. Snapchat provides an intimate window into the way you and your friends see the world. Real-time stories that expire after 24 Hours, snaps reflect who you are in the moment. Connect with your audience where they are most engaged.

Snapchat Labs

Nona Digital has developed a team specific to the development of Snapchat marketing respectively names Snap Chat Labs™. Tailor your custom advertising, marketing and creative solutions on one of the words most unique social marketing platforms ever created. Let us customize your own filter, marketing campaign and deliver your brand on the stories of millions of potential customers.  Give your customers or guests a full experience and drive brand awareness in a competitive social market with professionals who understand your business.

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Showcasing your business in a visual way is a big part of the social media secret sauce. Advertising with Instagram has the power to move people and allow them to see your business differently. Connect your brand with an audience that offers billions engaged users every day.